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Arcelik K3500 Selamlique Automatic Capsule Turkish Coffee Machine - Arcelik - Pazarska


Arcelik K3500 Selamlique Automatic Capsule Turkish Coffee Machine

$109.90 $199.90

With Arçelik / Selamlique capsule Turkish coffee machine, consumers will be able to make Turkish coffee in seconds, by one touch control.

With its practical use, the machine not only facilitate making lots of coffee foam with its Cooksense 3 technology, but also helps cleaning the machine, instantly, with its ultra-hygienic cleaning option.

The unique test of Turkish coffee is achieved by slowly mixing water and ground beans in a cezve with spoon until water boils. The coffee foam that covers the surface of the cezve afterwards indicates that coffee is ready. Designed to help you achieve this taste the most practical way possible, Selamlique Turkish Coffee Machine performes this feat for you with the perfect outcome.

Place Selamlique Turkish coffee's traditional, dark roast, decaf, cardamon, mastic gum, chocolate or cinnamon capsules into any machine you prefer to guarantee a perfectly prepared Turkish Coffee, with just the right amount of foam, thoroughly preserved taste and flavour, in the most practical way possible.

The disposable Selamlique coffee capsules offer Turkish coffee lovers a taste remaining fresh all the time.


  • Works with Selamlique Turkish Coffee Capsules
  • One Touch Control: Yes
  • LED Warning System: Yes
  • Audible Warning System: Yes
  • Water Tank: Yes
  • Automatic Water Intake: Yes
  • Low Water Level Warning: Yes
  • Water Tank Capacity (L): 850ml
  • Waste Water Tank: Yes
  • Cooking Water Amount Adjustment: Yes
  • Cook Sense Technology: Yes
  • Anti Spill Technology: Yes
  • Spinjet Technology: Yes
  • Auto Clean Mode: Yes
  • Plug: EU
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 670 W

Package Content

  • Arcelik K3500 Selamlique Capsule Turkish Coffee Machine

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