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Arcelik TKM 9961 B Telve Turkish Coffee Machine - Double Pot - Arcelik - Pazarska


Arcelik TKM 9961 B Telve Turkish Coffee Machine - Double Pot

$369.90 $469.90

  • Thanks to the high capacity internal water tank, the water that is filled at one time provides up to 20 cups.
  • BPA-free transparent water tank can be removed and cleaned practically, and the lid on the hopper can be opened and easily filled with water.
  • Induction technology offers taste of coffee made in the real embers (like in original Turkish coffee) by cooking coffee at an ideal time and temperature.
  • Thanks to the three-dimensional cooking technology that warms the coffee pot in every direction, the flavor of traditional Turkish coffee cooked in the cup is preserved.
  • Arçelik New Telve with high coffee pot capacity can cook up to 6 cups at a time.
  • With 2 different coffee pots, you can choose the amount of Turkish coffee according to 3 different cup sizes.
  • Foam level detection technology terminates cooking when the coffee foam reaches the ideal level with the sensitive foam detection system.
  • Stainless steel pots that do not require additional maintenance or use are easily removed and cleaned after each use.
  • Each cup offers Turkish coffee with a plenty of foam.

Dual zone: 2 Pots
Up to 6 cups of delicious Turkish Coffee
220V - 240V ~ 1200 W
EU plug
Induction Heating: Yes
Canceling Function: Yes
Water Tank: 1500 ML
Light/Audio Warning: Yes
Automatic Water Intake: Yes
Measuring Spoon: Yes
Water Amount Detection: Yes
Product Color: Copper
Coffee Pot Material: Stainless Steel
Coffee Pot Color: Copper
Cook Sense Technology (Detection of Cooking): Yes
Anti Spill Technology (Overflow Prevention): Yes
Low Water Level Indicator: Yes
Spinjet Technology (Mixing water by spraying): Yes
Cable Wrapping: Yes

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