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Arzum OKKA Full Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine OK001 Black - Arzum - Pazarska


Arzum OKKA Full Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine OK001 Black

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Arzum OKKA brings a novelty to the Turkish coffee drinking tradition and serves the rich taste of 500 years directly to your cup.

Arzum Okka revolutionises the authentic way of brewing coffee by introducing its patented (pending) technology that replicates the traditional way at the push of a button. Thanks to its "lift-to-brew" and "direct-to-cup" systems, Arzum Okka brews Turkish coffee in its traditional taste and pours with its cream and grounds automatically into the cups. The "auto boiling temperature detection" system adjusts the ideal brewing temperature automatically according to your location. Arzum Okka also has a slow-brewing feature, which extends the brewing process to around 4 minutes, in addition to cup-size selection and self-cleaning functions.

Direct to Cup
With its “Direct to Cup” feature, Arzum OKKA guarantees the perfectly prepared Turkish coffee experience every single time. Arzum OKKA distributes the foam evenly among cups.

Auto Boiling Altitude Detection
"Auto Boiling Altitude Detection" system ensures the same taste for your Turkish coffee throught the world.

Slow Cooking
With its slow cooking feature, it gives you the pleasure of the Turkish coffee slowly brewed on ember.

Selection of Three Different Cup Sizes & Self-Cleaning Feature
Besides, selection of three different cup sizes and the one touch self-cleaning feature allow you to sip and enjoy your coffee in comfort.

Red Dot Product Design Awarded (2014)
Endowed with the Red Dot Product Design Award 2014, Arzum Okka’s design incorporates the copper colour and patterns all together, which are among the significant elements of the Turkish coffee tradition.

Arzum OKKA invites you to experience the pleasure and the real taste of Turkish Coffee.

Rated Voltage: 220 V~240 V, 50/60 Hz

Rated: Power 710W

Plug: EU Plug

Normal Brewing: 1-2 minute*

Slow Brewing: 4-5 minute*

Water Chamber Capacity: 950 ml (800 ml)

Waste Water Chamber Capacity: 350ml

Product net weight: 3.5 kg

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